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DIY Drain Cleaning and Why It Can Be a Bad Idea

Drains are a necessary evil for homeowners. They help drain water after you do dishes, fill the tub for a bath, and of course, wash laundry. These drains get filled with everything from food particles to hair and skin to clothing fibers and beyond. Drains sometimes need a helping hand.

One thing that’s tempting as a homeowner is to clean out the drains in our house. Why? They begin to look grimy, they smell, and they just get gross. However, DIY drain cleaning can be harmful to your plumbing.

At Knockout Plumbing we understand the delicate nature of indoor plumbing in the Queen Creek area. Here, we’ll talk about DIY drain cleaning and why it’s best to avoid it unless it’s being done by a professional.

The Blockage Might be Deeper Than You Think

One reason homeowners try DIY drain cleaning is because of a clogged drain. It’s tempting to try to dig out all that hair or grease yourself. Hiring a professional costs money. But those costs are well-founded.

A major problem many people encounter when tackling a drain clog is not realizing how big the clog is. The drains in your home run much deeper than the pipes you can physically see. By trying to tackle the problem alone, you could drive the clog deeper or miss the blockage entirely.

Most Chemical Cleaners are Corrosive

The next big reason to avoid a DIY cleaning job is how corrosive the cleaners are. Pipe and drain cleaners are designed to cut through all the yucky things we lose in our drains. Unfortunately, this impacts the drain itself as well.

Pouring corrosive chemicals down our kitchen and bathroom sinks is hard on the plumbing. It eats through PVC pipes and even metal ones. If your pipes are already damaged, it could lead to cracks, leaks, and eventual flooding.

We recommend avoiding most drain cleaners for the simple fact that they don’t work. In a lot of cases, you’re paying for ineffective chemicals that cause more harm than good. There’s also always a chance you’ll burn yourself if the chemical meets the skin.

DIY Jobs are Unpredictable

It’s drain cleaning, not rocket science. It shouldn’t be that complicated to clear a few household drains, right? DIY jobs are unpredictable. Without a professional with hands-on experience, you’re left without knowing the worst-case scenario and how to counter it.

Sometimes what begins as a simple task turns into a difficult one. You could spend more time and money on amateur products and online tutorials than you would by hiring someone experienced.

You Could Miss Something

One of the benefits of calling in a professional to clean your drains is that you get a full diagnosis. Clearing drains yourself might give you clean pipes for a week or two, but unresolved issues will return. It’s a bit like putting a Band-Aid on a cut that needs stitches. It won’t heal without real medical attention.

By clearing pipes and resolving a minor clog, you could miss a much larger problem. Maybe the main clog was caused by old pipes crumbling in on themselves. By clearing the debris enough to make the water drain, you could miss the old degrading pipes until it’s too late.

Go Natural and Get Professional Help

If you choose to use the DIY approach to cleaning the drains in your home, choose products made from natural ingredients. They may not unclog your drain in moments, but at least you’ll know what you’re putting into your pipes.

Most natural cleaners like baking soda and vinegar or Borax are safe to use on pipes. They won’t have an immediate dramatic impact, but they’ll certainly help clean things up.

The pipes in your home should be professionally cleaned once a year. This ensures there’s less buildup and that no underlying issues are threatening the plumbing network on your property.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

There are a lot of areas in home repair and maintenance where DIY is a great use of time and energy. In drain cleaning, this isn’t the case. Drains are delicate and often have more going on than meets the eye.

Interested in learning more about drain cleaning in the Queen Creek area? Call our team at Knockout Plumbing today for dependable service you can count on. Save yourself future pipe and drain headaches in the future by relying on the skills of a professional today. Our team will have your drains sparkling in no time.

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